Payment via Unimoni or UAE Exchange

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Payment (cash) in nearest branch of UAEXchange or UNIMONI in your city.  

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Step 1:

Please visit the nearest branch UAEXchange / Unimoni in your city and perform  payment directly to our bank account in Germany with next details:

Purpose of remmitance: PERSONAL TRAVEL

Receiver: Minko Georgiev Genov

Bank account number (IBAN): DE828.30 00 1111 0605 3514 934


Name of the bank: Handelsbank

Address: Elsenheimer Str. 41, München 80687, Germany

Phone: +491-590-2464-223

Payment from India? Please click here

Step 2: After payment

After making the money transfer, you will receive the receipt. It will be given to you by the bank (post) office. In order to process your documents immediately – please send to an email with:

  • Full name of the Sender (If you personally sent the money, please write your full name) and name with the email address of the person/client who will use our services (if this is you, please enter your name and email)
  • If that does not make a difficulties for you – please send us also a copy of your payment receipt so our services will be started immediately
  • The amount you have already sent

Thank you!


 Order Status: UNPAID